Designers bring vision to life by creating spaces that work for the activities planned in rooms of all different types.

Sometimes this involves moving a load-bearing wall, adding a window or altering other structural elements of an existing building to accomplish their desired goals. A plan review of the structural design will provide the oversight required to ensure that the building remains structurally sound after modifications are made.
Team Engineering is privileged to work with many creative designers.We provide assistance in the areas of Plan Reviews and Design Services.One benefit of having Team involved is that we provide the professional engineer’s signature and seal , which many city or town building departments require during the planning approval process.
Home designers will frequently ask for us to collaborate with them on a property development project. Residential developers will typically use a set of standard home plans from which prospective buyers will choose. Naturally, each new home owner will wish to customize the design of their home to suit their tastes and individual needs. Even small changes to a floor plan can alter the structural integrity of the original plan. Supporting walls, cross-beams and roof trusses can become at risk if the construction documents are not also modified to accommodate the shift in design. The designer will make the modifications to the plans their client desires; Team provides structural oversight through a plan review or make modifications to the structural component as needed with our engineering design services.
Whether providing a simple plan review, or a complicated re-engineering of the building structure–the end result of this collaboration is a package of design plans (customized to each individual buyer) and beam calculations with the engineer’s signature and seal ready to be filed for approval with the local Planning/Building Department.
Designers bring vision to a project and Team makes sure that their vision will be structurally sound. Teamwork that really works!


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