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Any commercial building – regardless of age or size – is a serious commitment of time and financial resources. Managed well, they are a great revenue source for their owners. Having no plan for upkeep and improvements, however, they can quickly become an ominous liability. In reality, there are two primary approaches to confronting commercial building repairs.

Reactive approach. The alternative solution to commercial building maintenance is a reactionary one. Just wait for something to fail, and then repair it or replace it. While this may seem to be a frugal approach, in the long run it can consume great amounts of time and resources – and in the end, not providing the best possible solution because decisions are made in a crisis.
Proactive approach. The proactive commercial property owner will usually contact Team Engineering with a question: “Can you tell me when I will need to replace my __________?” The last word in that sentence can be any number of building system components.
For this client, we recommend a capital improvement plan. This program is designed to help existing commercial property owners determine what the remaining useful life expectancy is of the major components of their buildings are, and create a timeline of when those components will need to be repaired or replaced. A CIP consists of an inspection with the intent of assessing the useful life of those components based on their current condition. With that data, we can then create a workable plan and budget customized for each building.
Predicting the future. A capital improvement plan allows for careful prioritization of repairs, upgrades and/or replacement of these components when time and finances allow. Team Engineering provides the order of magnitude cost repairs/replacements in an easy-to-read spreadsheet format. Costs are allocated as immediate, short term or long term.
The CIP report is one major planning tool for the Business Owner who wants to proactively manage his time and finances. Our professional engineering team at Team engineering is ready to be member of your planning team!


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