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We are privileged to work closely with many experienced and talented builders and contractors in the home construction industry during construction, remodeling and repair projects. Before, during or after repairs and renovations, Team Engineering is available to assist in evaluation of your projects.

How bad is it? Sometimes, during renovations, a crack in the foundation of a home will be discovered. It is important to determine if the crack was caused by normal settling of the house or if it is caused by a structural issue. All houses experience normal settling at some time or another. In this case, simple repairs can be made without concern for the crack recurring. However, if the crack is due to a structural issue, there is a high probability that the defect will worsen until a structural repair is designed and implemented. Our engineers determine the “cause“ of these cracks.Once the cause is identified, the repair can be developed and implemented.
Engineering Solutions. Before a renovation project even begins, builders and contractors will frequently ask us to consult with them. For example, a contractor’s client wishes to create an open floor concept in a basement remodeling project that involves the removal of a Lally column. Our engineer will design the appropriate structural support beam that will allow for the safe removal of the Lally column. A builder recently requested our structural and design capabilities for their client who wished to add a second floor to his garage to create additional living space. This involved raising the roof of the garage to accommodate a second floor. Our engineers designed reinforcement plans for the new floor (former roof area) to support the new living space. After the second story platform was designed, Team Engineering also designed the concepts for the new living area with architectural drawings that the builder could use to finish off the second floor of his garage.
Construction Monitoring. Can’t be there to oversee the work? Team Engineering can be there during construction, too – to ensure that the engineered portion of your projects remains true to the intended goals of the built space.


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