Any time lawsuits are filed, it is an emotionally charged situation.

With the failure of any building component or system that causes injury or damage, the first question will often be: “Who is liable?” Team Engineering provides an unbiased perspective during our investigation of the facts.
Forensics first. Determining the root cause of a building system failure requires more than casual observance. In the case of water intrusion for example, it makes sense to follow the leak to its point of origin. But it doesn’t stop there. Was the failure sudden, or over a period of time? Is it faulty material, workmanship, or both? Knowledge of current state codes for both commercial and residential buildings is a key component in determining liability. When Team Engineering performs a forensic investigation, we make careful documentation every step of the way.
Analysis and reporting. Our investigation begins with a review of all discoverable documentation and testing data, identification of potential areas of failure and testing needs. We identify, schedule and observe all testing (destructive and non-destructive) and document the findings. Team then prepares an expert opinion of the failure.
Expert witness. If a clear case of liability can be established early, the process may be settled quickly and never go to trial. Should a trial be necessary, Team Engineering is prepared. With years of formal schooling and experience in all aspects of building sciences, our engineers are able to clearly articulate the facts of the case on behalf of the client in the event of deposition hearings or courtroom testimony.
Attorneys who retain the engineering expert witness services that Team Engineering provides can appreciate the responsiveness and confidentiality and professionalism we bring to every case.


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