Architects combine creativity and analytical thinking when designing functional and livable spaces for their clients.Team Engineering works directly with Architects to ensure that the design options they create are structurally feasible.

Changing spaces. An important role that architects are often called in to perform is the re-purposing a building – or changing the intended use of a building from that which it was originally designed. For example, we have all seen very large residential homes transformed into law offices or funeral homes. Will the floor plans, heating ventilation and air conditioning (HVAC) and/or building envelope need to be changed or upgraded to accommodate the newly intended use? What are the steps to achieving this complete transformation?
Plans of the existing building can be used – if they are available- to make changes or modifications to the design. If no plans exist, then “as built” plans can be developed by Team Engineering, after a site visit for measurements and documentation. The Architect then uses these engineered design plans* to design a full set of plans for the new use of the building. Upon their completion, the plans are then reviewed by the professional engineer and stamped if necessary.
Synergy works. This synergistic collaboration of skills and talent are beneficial for the client, in part because finding an opportunity for improving a design – or increasing energy efficiency – on paper is a lot less costly than during the construction phase. Maintaining project costs and construction schedules during a renovation or re-design project requires effort by all team members.
Team Engineering is pleased to collaborate with architectural firms in New Hampshire and Massachusetts to produce design plans that are structurally sound and ready for approval from the city or town code enforcement officer.

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