Capital Improvement Plans

Team Engineering can help schools and churches, non-profit businesses, municipalities, and other entities who own one or more buildings determine when and how their buildings and grounds need to be maintained.

Team Engineering’s Capital Improvement Planning includes a thorough inspection, determination of expected remaining useful life of various building and grounds components, and cost estimating of repairs and replacements for over a typical period of 10 years. The final report includes a detailed description of components and costs, as well as a table summarizing all anticipated costs by year.

No surprises. Lower costs. Better financial planning.

Instead of reacting to an unexpected repair in a crisis, a Capital Improvement Plan provides a property maintenance schedule years in advance – allowing the owner or property management company to interview contractors and gather quotes that will provide the best value to the bottom line. The Capital Improvement Plan can also be used to consolidate upcoming projects to reduce the overall cost; to phase work over a number of years so that financing is manageable; or to decide which of a number of properties should be liquidated.

A holistic approach to building costs.

Our engineers carefully assess the entire property, not just small sections or parts. We are trained as engineers to understand how the aging or performance of one building component impacts another. As an engineering firm, we have no vested interest in finding problems, so our clients always receive unbiased assessment of the true condition of their properties.


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