Commercial & Residential Building Planning

Our Team strives to help you gain the most value out of your property. We work with our clients by identifying current and future related problems to a property. Through our services, we can help budget expectations and assist you in making the right purchasing decisions.

Commercial Property Planning

We strive to establish a vision for the future of a commercial property by providing our expert opinions of its existing property components. This helps our clients prioritize the property’s demands, lay out a budgeting timeline, and even think about future projects that may bring more value to their initial investment.

Is this building worth repairing, or will it be less expensive to start over? How much work will need to be put into the property within the first, next 5, or next 10 years? Our mission is to assist our clients in evaluating properties and making the right purchase, renovation and improvement decisions. We specialize in servicing our clients with:

  • Capital Improvement Planning
  • Reserve Studies
  • Commercial and Retail Buildings
  • Hospitality Properties
  • Municipal Buildings
  • Schools and Camps
  • Churches

Condominium Property Planning

Commercial and Residential Condominium Associations do facility replacement and repair planning and funding for items such as windows, siding, decks, and more. We help our clients by providing periodic inspections to identify upcoming items to be repaired or replaced within the near future or for timeframes of 20 years or more. During our in-depth planning, we develop funding projections using financial modeling tools to help the condominium associations identify amounts that unit owners need to contribute monthly or annually to their Reserve Fund. We help our condominium clients with:

  • Full Reserve Studies
  • Updated Reserve Studies
  • Transition Studies
  • Specialized surveys (e.g., envelopes, pavement) and engineering consultations
  • Construction Administration
  • Participation in Condominium Board & Association Meetings

Residential Property Planning

Would you like to get the most value out of your current home or are you looking to purchase a new one? Our customized residential planning services can help you identify the major defects, teach how to maintain your home, and recommend improvements in order to gain the most value when it’s time to sell. Whether it’s a starter, investment, or your dream home, let our team help you with the planning process. We are experts at identifying and offering solutions for:

  • Home Improvement Coaching
  • Structural Evaluations
  • Repair Strategies
  • Estimated Repairs and Component Life Expectancies
  • Subcontractor Recommendations
  • Annual Maintenance Inspections