Commercial & Residential Building Inspection

Our team of licensed Professional Engineers have inspected over thousands of buildings and still counting. We strive to deliver engineering expertise for all types of building problems. During our in-depth inspections, our clients learn more about their buildings and properties. We provide the most practical and economical solutions to give our clients peace of mind.

Engineering Consulting

Team Engineering delivers engineering expertise for homeowners, business owners, facility managers – all types of clients and building projects of all sizes. We are problem solvers and our company’s mission is to provide practical, economical solutions for all building systems. Let us assist you when you are looking to buy a property, evaluate an existing building, or worrying about the need for a possible repair. If you have an engineering question, we can help you. Our licensed Professional Engineers are experts at solving all types of problems, including:

  • Basement Water Intrusion
  • Foundation Cracks or Settlement
  • Framing Repairs
  • Reoccurring Ice Dam
  • Leaking Windows, Doors, and Roofs
  • Causes of Mold
  • Thermal Envelope Improvements
  • Drainage Improvements
  • and more…

Home Inspections

Our home inspection services are designed to guide our clients through real estate transactions by identifying the major defects within a property, teaching them how to maintain their property, and recommend improvements in order to grow their investment. Our licensed Home Inspectors are compliant with State requirements and have the ability to identify more. As an additional service, we also offer “Home Improvement Consulting”, which is for homeowners who are contemplating renovations or improvements to a property and seek to understand the design process and associated costs. If desired, a Team Home Inspection can include:

  • In-Depth Home Inspections
  • Comprehensive Water Testing
  • Radon in Water and Air Testing
  • Septic Inspections

Pre-Purchase Inspections - Commercial

Commercial buildings often have specific needs and concerns. Our inspectors are highly experienced in identifying inadequate design, insufficient maintenance systems, life spans of equipment, building code violations, and poor workmanship. However big or small your concerns may be, we can customize a pre-purchase inspection for you. Team Engineering offers a variety of Commercial Building pre-purchase inspection services, including:

  • Engineered Building Surveys
  • Property Condition Assessments
  • Structural Evaluation
  • Municipal Zoning and Regulatory Compliance
  • Anticipated Capital Expenses

Insurance Claims & Investigations

For the owner or the insurance company, we evaluate the cause of damage, extent, and significance of damage when a claim is made. Our licensed Professional Engineers perform forensic investigation to identify whether a specific event or other factor caused the damage to a building. From our findings, insurance companies can make the right decision in allocating the proper payout amount for a claim, and property owners can better understand what damage is eligible. We often observe the following claims:

  • Damage to Roofing, Siding, Decking, or Other Building Components
  • Fallen Tree Damage
  • Snow Loading and Ice Dams
  • Water Intrusion into Attics and Basements
  • Structural Framing and Foundation Evaluations
  • Wind and Flood Damage
  • Fire Damage

Expert Witness

We perform comprehensive investigations and provide detailed, factual information in, concise, well written reports with licensed Professional Engineer opinions to help parties resolve their differences and move forward to completion of projects. Our presence in the community and prioritization of personable interactions prepares us to be well spoken and to serve as educators. When the need arises, we will confidently put our expertise and communication skills to use during expert witness testimony. Our services include:

  • Construction Defect Litigation
  • Structural, Geotechnical, Architectural, or Civil Engineering Disciplines
  • Forensic Building Investigation
  • Building Code Research
  • Manufacturer Installation Procedures
  • Normal and Customary Industry Practices & Standards

Construction Administration

Clients who are in the process of construction hire our experts to save money and time on their building projects. We deliver those savings by regularly visiting the project site, confirming construction is being performed in accordance with the plans, and communicating with contractors and building officials with our client’s best interest in mind. By being on top of the construction, we are able to manage unforeseen and expensive construction issues that may emerge. Our construction administration services include:

  • Construction Project Supervision, Monitoring, & Compliance
  • Owner’s Agent
  • Project Quality Control
  • Review of Shop Drawing Submittals and Construction Documents
  • Construction Control Documents & P.E. Stamped Affidavits
  • Change Order Processing