Building Envelope Consultations & Specifications

We provide full service consulting for the building envelope (or shell). We perform this work for owners and boards of large commercial facilities, as well as residential condominiums. We perform envelope consultations as a standalone service or together with Capital Improvement Planning. Envelope consultations can lead to Team Engineering design of repair or replacements with preparation of plans and specifications.

Building EnvelopeAttics are generally the least frequented area of a building, and yet, one of the most important. Our engineers and project managers have been in thousands of attics and know how to make cost effective attic improvements that will make the building healthier for its occupants, mitigate ice dams, require less maintenance, and provide energy ($) savings.
Roofs of asphalt shingles, wood shingles, metal, EPDM (“rubber”), built-up, PVC, green – you name it, we’ve seen it. When it’s time to be replaced, it’s a big project. We can provide recommendations for when to resurface and with what roofing material to use. If there is a “leak,” we have methods to find and address the
Siding assemblies get old and tired, but when is it too old to perform its job of keeping the weather out and looking nice? We can help you decide if it is time for your siding and trim to be replaced, if it should be replaced or repaired in phases, and how to do it.
Windows and Doors can be beautiful, charismatic, or just plain ugly. They can keep out noise and drafts, or not. Replacement can be very expensive. We can prioritizethe replacements of windows and doors so that you get the biggest bang for your $.


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