Just Say No to Unsupported Joints in Built Up Wood Floor Joists

A recent project really hammered this point home.  We began with a discussion of whether wooden floor joists – rotted at one end – really needed to be sistered the entire length. Sistering a joist means attaching a new joist to the original, essentially creating multiple plies, and simultaneously strengthening the existing joist. The question… Read More »

Rebar Reinforcement in Concrete

When using concrete as a construction material in buildings, it is often accompanied by steel reinforcement. The most common type of reinforcement is typically rebar. Rebar is a steel round bar of different diameter sizes, has ridges to adhere to, and ultimately, gets embedded inside wet concrete. Why use rebar inside your concrete structure?  Concrete… Read More »

Team Engineering attends Spray Foam Insulation Training

Team Engineering recently participated in an educational training session performed by Spray Foam Distributors of New England, Inc. As a design company, Team Engineering often specifies spray foam insulation as a great alternative, or in addition, to fiberglass or cellulose insulation. It stops air and moisture intrusion into the building, which also helps to prevent… Read More »