Retaining Wall Basics

Retaining walls hold back soil. They are used where there is a steep slope to stabilize the slope, or to provide relatively level surfaces above and/or below the wall. They can be used to provide a play area or dog park where there is currently an uncomfortably steep grassy or woodland surface. Some basement and crawlspace walls are designed as retaining walls, because they do not have a floor frame holding them at the top. Retaining walls are most commonly made of interlocking concrete block

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Common Foundation Faults

Out of sight and out of mind. This saying holds so true for our building foundations. Often when we inspect basements and crawl spaces, we are going where people have not been for some time. While the conditions that undermine foundations generally work slowly, understanding the significance of a problem and the most feasible solution may also take time. I have in mind the concrete masonry unit (CMU) foundation wall that is concrete blocks held together by cement mortar. Water in the backfill

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