Rate Schedule

Services – Services are provided on an hourly basis, minimum of three hours, plus necessary out-of-pocket costs. Current hourly rates are as follows:

Support Services$75/hr.
Project Manager$150/hr.
Engineer-in-training/Engineering Assistant$125/hr.
Staff Engineering$150/hr.
Senior Engineering/Architectural Engineer$200/hr.
Expert Witness/Engineer$350/hr.

Travel Time – Time expended for travel is charged at the normal hourly rate for the experience level of the person traveling. Travel expenses are based on travel from the office at 80 Palomino Lane Suite 402, Bedford, NH 03110-6447 to the site and return. Rental or special vehicle requirements will be charged directly to the client.

Out-of-Pocket Costs – Standard mileage rates for business printing, word processing, permits, special equipment, extraordinary insurance, fares, telephone, overnight lodging or meals expense and other similar project-related costs are billed at cost plus twenty (20) percent. Special subcontracted services will be billed at cost plus thirty (30) percent.

Nonstandard costs will be negotiated and included in each project agreement document.

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