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Team Engineering has been performing home inspections in New England since 1993.

The theory is sound:  engineers are the best qualified individuals to perform home inspections – especially those trained in residential construction.  At Team, we offer a combination of engineers and licensed home inspectors to provide these services.

Most of our home inspection clients are home buyers. However, many of our clients are also home owners who are preparing to put their house on the market.

Far more important than technical skills is the quality of personal integrity.  Home inspectors are licensed in most states, but integrity remains a character trait that only some possess.  It is a simple reality that there is tremendous temptation in the home inspection service business to grease a deal.  The flip side is equally problematic.  It is easy for someone with reasonable technical knowledge to send even the thickest skin buyers racing for the hills.  At Team, we work hard to deliver the truth in a pleasant presentation.

We provide our clients with a ten-year maintenance plan that is customized to the home. This portion of our report includes our suggested maintenance, repair, and replacement schedule over one year, five years and 10 years, as well as yearly maintenance.

As engineers, we can comment on any structural concerns that we find in the home. Our team can also provide additional testing services for the septic system, chimney, radon in the air, water quality, and more.

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